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It would seem pretty much the consensus, from communications I have had with those who served and lived the USAFAD life, that, to steal a cliché, "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times"...

For that same reason, it seems that we long from time to time to rediscover what has happened to old friends, and the places we served. There are some sites that offer a means to communicate with old friends or alumni from our past, but many cost money. Or you may even stumble across some relevant message boards that often have objectionable or controversial content, are poisoned with angry political (or other) biases, or are moderated poorly, thus removing any interest you may have in becoming a member or getting involved.

With that in mind, and after some other issues and deliberations spurred the idea along, it was decided that perhaps a FREE, decent site for people to gather, connect, and share pictures and stories from past and present ought be born.

It was decided to use the Group HQ level as a foundation, as we all shared the same HQ, the same section of Germany, and had very similar duties. The 59th was just too big to cover Fort Bragg, as it also had many units outside of Germany as well.

Most of these Units were not always in the 570th (when the 570th was in Germany)... But don't let that prevent you from becoming involed here. If you were EVER a part of one of the Units, drop on in!!!

On these pages are links to each individual unit. Each "site" has a main page, which will give a cursory overview, and hopefully some pictures of the Unit buildings, area, landmarks, hangouts, etc... 

At this time, the message boards are up and running, as is the photo gallery for each unit. Eventually more links to history, articles, etc... will be added.

Message board Logo provided pro bono by Tom Murray, who gave his time in order to help us out. Much thanks to Tom...

Tom is also an excellent artist (painter)-  (See his gallery)

(This is not an advertisemtent, but our way of saying thanks, as he donated the work.)

Unit Photo Galleries-
The way it is set up as of now, you can register, verify your eamil, then you can upload pictures. Those pictures go into a waiting area out of view, and once Admin approves them, they will be posted just as you sent them (unless too large, in which case they will be reduced first).

This is done to prevent drive by style "donations" of porn of other garbage from would be pranksters.

All you need to do to access the gallery is click on your Units gallery, and go from there. You do not need to register to view pictures. You will have to register to upload pictures.

Keep in mind you can post pictures on the message board- complete details are on the message board. You may also post a picture in the registry when you register, but try not to use the registry as a "message board". 

During site contruction and while it grows, some areas may seem a little sparse or repetitive.. What will be necessary to correct that is, in part- YOU! Send me pictures to fill out the site; pass along information you know about what happened during phase out or after the sites were deactivated, current site useage (or in the case of the 4th USAFAD, near total demolition). Or if you were there when the Unit was "young", jump IN!

Even though the messageboard is up and running,  it may take a while to fill them to any appreciable level where it will be more interesting to be involved in discussions. Don't let that make you shy to be the "first one". This site is VERY young, (May17, 2005),  so somebody has to be first!

Please inform others that you know that may be interested of this site, and perhaps the message board for your unit will grow over time to some decent traffic- of course, providing more fun for all.

Regarding the message boards, please read community standards, on the link to the left.

If posting on the board is not your bag, please feel free to register, at least so any long lost friends of yours that might stumble by in the years to come know how to get in touch with you.

Hope you enjoy!!!

If you are aware of any missing data on the history of any Unit's, or have info on which commo and MP commands were attached to these units, please email Admin@570thusaag.com


59th Ordnance Brigade
570th USAAG
USAFAD, Ordnance Companies

(Note: The weapons systems illustrated above represent the most "current" systems which were utilized in the final years prior to deactivation of the Units. That said, ALL who have a history of any type with these Units (i.e., Sergeant, Honest John; 1960's on to '94) are encouraged to post, join,  etc...) I thought this would be one of the easy parts of making this website... writing up the histories of each Unit.

As it turns out, the history of each individual unit is as varied as the pedigrees of a pack full of mutts. The activation dates, acronyms of, Country's we supported (and which Battallion's we supported OF those Country's), weapons systems used, and Group HQ's that our units have been attached to... well, it would fill a couple of pages. Units moved, changed acronyms, change group HQ's, areas of responsibility- you get the pitcture.

For example, according to the formerly classified documents that are linked in the text below, you can see that some of the information remains correct, but much of it changed over the years:

In Mar. 1963, the 4th USAFAD was in Werl; the 9th was in Villingen; the 15th was in Villingen; the 22nd was in Sennelager; the 26th was in Dortmund; the 27th Ord. was in Büren but under the 5th USAAG; the 69th did not exist (constituted one month later, activated in Sept. '63); the 570th was not in theater (at Ft. Sill being prepared to go to Münster); and the 583rd was in Dahn, under a different command.

Since most of that historical compilation work has already been done, I give you the links at the bottom of the Unit links on the left ("59th Ord Bde History", "59th Acticle"; "570th Arcticle"), which take you to an exellent series of pages full of history of our Group and Brigade,
and appeared in the final edition of the 59th Courier, our Brigade Newpaper.

... interesting reading for those who have historical appetites.

The first link takes you to a very well written history of the 59th Ordnance Brigade. The second link covers the 59th's role in NATO. The final link covers the 570th USAAG.

Additionaly, there is a link (59th & the Cold War) to an except from a USAREUR press release, which gives a brief but comprehensive perspective as to why our mission, units, command and structure was created or organized. 

Thanks to Walter Elkins for his exhaustive work on putting that information together on his website.

Be sure to look around the rest of Walter's site as well (scroll to the top, for the directory), as there is much more information than just the two story links I have posted here. A list of Det's from the 60's; list of Det's from the 80's; Special Weapons Units info; and Redstone Arsenal documents, many of which are VERY interesting, and formerly classified. It is kind of eery,  because some of what is there is like peering into the mind of a General, writing to someone about the goals and perspectives of our military buildup, including special weapons, leading up to the Cold War.

For the most part, the weapons Units histories goes roughly like this:
Activated (or re-activated) in or around '62-'64, as part of NATO's goal to provide special weapons support to NATO partners.  Weapons systems such as Honest John and Sergeant were replaced over time with systems such as Lance. Some Units moved geographically, changed HQ's, numerical names as well as Army suffixes,  as mentioned above. Different commo and Ordnance 
units (including MP) came in and out of the picture over the years, supporting the weapons detachments.

In the period '91-'93, most of the units were deactivated due to the "end" of the Cold War.

The following text is placed here solely for search engine spiders while the site is being recognized...

Note- this site contains:
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